Jangir Aliyev

"I wish my students to run the school of real aikido that I founded 18 years ago in Azerbaijan, in honorable way”, said Jahangir Aliyev, the 6th dan black belt master and the President of "Aiki-Jitsu & Protect Service" Sports Society of Azerbaijan.

As the founder of the first aikido club “Aiki-Club”, J.Aliyev was previously engaged in combative sport types during his military service. At that time, he served with the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the former Soviet Union, a group of soldiers who worked in prison establishments. These soldiers were trained on ju-jutsu, sambo, judo and other types of combative sports for "emergency cases".

J.Aliyev was one of the 22 people in this group of elite soldiers and as a result he became seriously interest in ju-jutsu. After returning to Baku from the army J.Aliyev engaged in kyokushin karate with some amateurs. But this experience did not last long. To indulge in most combative sports, including kyokushin karate was strictly forbidden by the ex-Soviet government.

After being away from it for nine years J.Aliyev came back to sport again, but this time he got interested in aikido. “I thought that aikido must have useful fit for real-life”. At the same time, he became familiar to “real aikido” with the help of his friend in Yekaterinburg.

In 1992 Pavel Morozov, the president of the Ural Real Aikido Center, invited J.Aliyev to the international seminar on real aikido in Yekaterinburg. After seminar J.Aliyev decided to stay to train there. It was that time when J.Aliyev became acquainted with academician and 10th dan black belt grand master, Ljubomir Vracarevic.

J.Aliyev says, though it is unbelievable he has never been unsuccessful since start time. The sportsman who had no degree in real aikido 18 years ago, now has the highest black belt possess (6th dan) among people living in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The reason for his success is in presenting new combinations of tricks regarding the real aikido that was liked by academician Vracarevic. Coming back to Baku, sport master shares his knowledge about new kind of aikido with his students. But in 1993 he took part in the second international seminar on real aikido again. Finally, on January, 1994 he has got his first black belt (1st dan) on real aikido.

J.Aliyev who gained the 2nd dan black belt in 1996 and 3rd one in 1998, was announced as the official president of real aikido for Caucasus region by academician Vracarevic during a seminar in Baku.

In May, 1999 J.Aliyev was officially invited to a seminar in Moscow organized by 9th dan belt holder from Sweden Jan-Erik Karlsson, chief coordinator on ju-jutsu, bu-jutsu and co-budo of Europe. The master who was the first official representative from Azerbaijan was awarded the second dan black belt by grand master Karlsson and was appointed the representative of World Federation of hoku-shin-ko-ryu-bu-jutsu in Azerbaijan.

In 2001 J.Aliyev won his 4th dan black belt and was elected the president of the League of ju- jutsu of Eastern Europe by reference of Assembly of Eastern Europe Community.

New success came in 2004 when J.Aliev became the possessor of a 5th dan black belt on real aikido.

He has honored with 6th dan black belt by academician Vracarevic as a result of his top combat technique demonstration in 2008. Generally, he has participated in international seminars on real aikido, ju-jutsu and bu-jutsu 14 times in the past.

The instructor, who has had more than 3,000 students, says he is proud of them. He said he considers it an honor when students approach the sport with heart. He added, “I’m happy that my students are in high military ranks at power structures like ministries National Safety, Emergency Situations and Internal Affairs”. J.Aliyev said he is glad when students get together in time for Vracarevic’s visits or for seminars.

"The Black Belt" Academy's member J.Aliyev has worked with The Federation of ju-jutsu of Georgia for more than 16 years and together they organize international seminars, tournaments and championships. J.Aliyev thinks that sport activities are playing an important role in development of sportsmen of both of countries. He had a match in 2004 in Tbilisi with the popular European ju-jutsu master, 8th dan black belt holder Johny Lenskens (Belgium) and 7th dan Jürgen Schercher (Germany) at one of the next international seminars. According to J.Aliyev’s opinion, the development of real aikido in Azerbaijan follows all the correct protocols; otherwise academician Vracarevic would not personally take part in all seminars in Baku. In most cases, Vracarevic has sent his students to seminars held in other countries. J.Aliyev said, Vracarevic admires Azerbaijani students’ enthusiasm. Therefore, all black belts were presented to students by Vracarevic himself. As the result of his all efforts and services, Aliyev was awarded the gold medal the World Center of Real Aikido in April 27, 2010. Despite all the success of the Azerbaijan Centre of Real Aikido, the only default is the absence of a private hall. At present, J.Aliyev’s aim is to build dojo for 20-25 people.

Born on May 8, 1959 Jahangir J.Aliyev graduated from Republic boarding school of sport. Playing the guitar and chess are his hobbies. His main wish is to live healthy. He thinks that everything goes well when a person is strong. He is pleased by the fact that 5-years-olds brought up by him do not misspend their leisure-time but are engaged in sports. “This is our life, future, the power of our state and service to our homeland!” J.Aliyev names his work.